Ayden Hector WSU

Exceptional achievements marked Ayden Hector WSU's academic journey. At Eastside Catholic High School in Sammamish, WA, he established a legacy of excellence, earning a place on the honor roll for four consecutive years. His graduation from this distinguished institution in 2020 underscored his commitment to academic success. During high school, he embraced diverse experiences, actively participating in extracurricular activities, volunteering, and sports. His proficiency in various Microsoft programs added a technological dimension to his skill set. His athletic prowess was evident throughout high school, earning him recognition as an all-state player across multiple seasons. Following his high school achievements, he embarked on a new chapter of intellectual exploration at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. The university's synergy with his passion for outdoor pursuits and the surrounding mountains made it a fitting choice. Balancing his appreciation for the local community with his academic goals, he steadfastly committed to his studies. Pursuing a major in business, his dedication to excellence remained unwavering.

Ayden's exceptional abilities extended seamlessly to the football field. A pivotal Colorado State Rams football team member, his affinity for the sport dates back to his formative years. As a standout defensive back, he garnered coveted all-conference honors, a distinction earned within a remarkable seven-game span, and the 2022 season showcased his emergence as a defensive leader, contributing significantly to the team's success. Twenty-four tackles and three interceptions evidenced his tangible contributions. A standout performance on October 7, 2022, further highlighted his prowess with eight tackles, an interception, and an interception returned for a resounding touchdown. With ample eligibility remaining at Colorado State, his trajectory promises another season of achievement as he actively contributes to the program's growth.

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